Solutions we are just growing

We are a small creative team, trying to plant solutions that may be unicorns


CoDP - corporate & public web data platform. Personalize public web, improve KYC by web behavior of indovidual customers, get better predictove models.

Cleverchest PDP

Publisher Data Platform. Best platform for publishers. Get additional pageviews and ads to improve your business.


Unique space search algorithm for improving predictions and find Exceptions in business behavior to improve it. Proprietary. Brewed with university professors and ex-business directors.

Public Web Risk & Fraud preditors

Score your online applications to find fraud and risk predictors.


Working project. For complex projects (like solar installations, energy switch, buying residential units, ...), users will have information, time scale and communication tool to achieve results and keep user fully informed, no worries when delay, and notification for fulfillment company.


TOP class CZ data enrichment for customer data record based on public sources (GDPR fully compliant) based on residence, segmentation of palces of residence.


No time for setupping onboarding and keep it up to date? Switch on autopilot.

Cleverchest ECM

Use advanced techniques from online to your Existing client management, incl. optimised Overcontacting policy.

Lead management

Have one place for your leads. Route it quickly and wisely. Best for corporations.

Test and Learn

Self learning AI/ML. No historical data needed. Adaptive learning process based on new data and changing behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm interesting in using solution

    Please contact us. We will discuss possibiliies to deploy this solution for you. Some solutions are immediatelly deployable, some are managed as a service and some are WIP, but you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

  • That's we are looking for. Please contact us. We will find best fit.

  • We have seed investment and solution plugged in operational business. Currently we are not looking for traditional investors unless it is offered with bundle ex-CEO/ex-business cofounder of successful unicorn. We need to rollout one or several solution and then go to Series A/B.


If your're interested using these solutions or help to rollout as partner / sales VP or business co-founder, please contact us.